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Power of Inspector of Headquarters of Legal Metrology 

Various powers have been given to the legal metrology officers as all the legal metrology officers play a vital role in the compliance of the act. The legal metrology department specifically takes care of the interests of the general public.

All the legal metrology officers belong to the legal metrology department and work as per the guidelines laid down in the legal metrology act and rules. 

Certain powers have been given to the legal metrology inspector and the powers are given below:  

  1. He has the power to assist his seniors in the matter of working standard and secondary standard laboratories. 
  1. power to assist superiors in the matters related to the issuance of the license to a manufacturer, renewal of the license of a manufacturer, and importer  
  1. Also, he can check the reports submitted by the inspectors. 
  1. He can assist in the matter of license to a dealer, repairer, or manufacturer of weights and measures. 
  1. He can perform all the duties and functions assigned to him by the controller of Legal Metrology at any time. 

A legal metrology expert can help you out with getting the registration certificate from the legal metrology department or from the legal metrology officers, and they will let you know about the compliance which has to be done by you to get the certificate or the license under the act. 

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